Urn Vaults

Gorder Supply offers attractive, sturdy, value-priced urn vaults, as well as urns. Constructed of a high-technology polymer, these vaults are designed for dignified, family graveside services. Elegant and easy to carry, these made-in-America vaults provide protection for cremated bodies but they also ensure integrity of the cemetery ground. They are built to withstand earth-moving and cemetery equipment and a single urn vault and withstand 4,300 pounds per square inch of top pressure!

The single vault can be used for an infant casket or small pet casket. It is ideal for a dignified graveside service. Families find it so comforting to add personalized memorabilia before sealing.

Reasons to purchase Crowne Vaults:

  • Strong enough to withstand 4200 pounds of top-load pressure
  • Single-size accommodates 1 large single urn or 2 temporary inserts
  • Double-size holds 2 upright urns or over-sized single urn
  • Useful as a small pet or premature infant casket
  • Trim profile is well-suited for second right of interment
  • Can be easily personalized with Sharpie markers or acrylic paints
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to handle; easy to seal
  • Avoid employee injuries when using lightweight Crowne Vault
  • Water-tight seal when bead is applied continuously
  • Increase profit by selling this vault when others are deemed way too expensive

To purchase products provided by Gorder Mortuary Supply, contact:

Email:  jimmesser@gordersupply.com
Phone: 1-800-788-5119
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