Specialty Urns

Patriotic Urns

Military themed urns are the perfect memorial for soldiers who have been casualties of war; but they are also a great tribute to men and women who have devoted large portions of their lives to the military.  These distinct Veteran commemorations easily become a touching part of any memorial display aimed at capturing the undying patriotic spirit of a soldier. There is a great selection of urns along with matching keepsakes for the family to choose from.

Born to Ride Urns

This “Born to Ride” Motorcycle Cremation Urn features a Harley Davidson style motorcycle tank.  It is a one of a kind piece of artwork that is made of tough cold cast polymers which are particularly well-suited for casting in elaborate intricate molds. This Cremation Urn comes in three different tank colors.  The base features the “Born to Ride” wings with a brass name plate in the center measuring 3 1/4″ x 5/8″ to personalize. The “Born to Ride” also comes in a small matching token urn for a family keepsake.

Military, Veterans Urns

We are very pleased to provide a large selection of cremation urns for veterans. We have memorials for Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. Many of our customers use these as burial urns and others intend to scatter the ashes. Selections include wood, metal, cultured marble, cloisonné or scattering tubes.

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