• Product Order

    Ordering Products: Gorder Supply has a vast network of suppliers and our dedicated customer service specialists will help you get the product you want at the best possible quality, cost, speed, and ease. To order, call 651-490-5100

  • Research & Investigation

    We love a good challenge! If you can’t find a certain product or don’t know the name or item number of a currently used product, we’ll find what you need! Free of charge. Send a photo or product description to: JimMesser@GorderSupply.com

  • Advice & Solutions

    Jim Messer has been a Minnesota Licensee for over 32 years and has experience from every field of the funeral industry. Our diverse staff also brings great insight from many different industries to the table. Call or email and ask us any question!

  • Referrals & Networking

    We’re always looking to make new friends and our friends are your friends. If we can’t find the best answer, best product, or best price to suite you needs – we’ll refer you to the person who can. Free of charge. Our goal is to help you succeed.