Deck Systems


The SS150xl edition from Link Manufacturers makes transportation of caskets a breeze. Built with four of Link’s casket rollers, this deck system will protect your vehicle’s interior as well as reducing the strain and risk of injury to your staff. The sealed fiberglass deck surface comes with the four removable nylon rollers come in an enclosed frame to prevent leaking and increases the lifetime of the rollers themselves. This system looks good and works fantastically.


Built with heavy duty and sturdy fiberglass, this deck system protects the floor of the transport vehicle AND the bumper. It makes handling stretchers and caskets easier and far safer. The SS150 deck system was designed to fit most minivans, full size vans, and even SUVs.


This deck system, by Link, was designed and build specifically for hearses. With its professional look, durable aluminum framework, and rubber mat used to protect the hearses bumper – this system is the last system you will need in your hearse. Weighing only 39 pounds this system is easily installed and can be removed whenever necessary.


This system has been redesigned and retooled to make loading stretchers easy and protect your vehicle. With hinges on the ramp, this system folds inward and out of the way then the vehicle door is closed and no drilling is required to install this great mini deck system. This system also allows all the vehicles seats to be used while the deck is in place.

DD2000 Double Deck System

This deck system will double the capacity of your full sized cargo van. The upper deck is electrically lifted and raises in seconds. It also has a weight capacity of 600 pounds! This system can carry up to four stretchers, four cremation containers, or two caskets.

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