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24-Mini MAXX Mortuary Cot

The 24-miniMAXX has all of the innovative features of the 24-MAXX in a narrow package. The 24-miniMAXX has true independent legs with multi-level adjustment, six-inch wheels, dual hand controls, and a distinguished durable gloss-black powder-coated finish. An industry-leading 1000 lb load capacity allows 24-miniMAXX to handle large bodies with ease. The narrow bed-surface gives the 24-miniMAXX increased maneuverability and allows two cots to be placed side-by-side in the rear of most vehicles. The 24-miniMAXX comes complete with a 1-inch mattress and two seven-foot, two-piece black restraints, and is compatible with most Ferno covers and pouches.

24-MAXX Mortuary Cot

With its unique, independent-leg design, wider surface, and oversized wheels, the 24-MAXX allows you to transport bodies weighing up to 1,000 pounds while reducing the risk of back injuries. The cot allows for easy maneuverability in tight areas and down stairs, and has a powder-coated frame and stylish design. The 24-MAXX, with a variety of innovative features, offers the dependable performance you’ve come to expect from Ferno, the industry leader.

27-1 Multi-Level Mortuary Cot

The Model 27-1 First Call Cot blends classic design with innovative features. All four wheels swivel. The folding end section shortens the cot by 15″, and the cot’s head section is tapered, making tight corners less of an obstruction. These features make this cot very maneuverable in close quarters and narrow doorways and allow easy access to the body. The multi-level undercarriage provides flexibility in retrieval. The load-end wheels can be locked when necessary.

24-MAXX First Call Pouch

The First Call Pouch comes complete with a bottom and full-length brass zipper. The pouch is secured by snap fastener tabs and features full expansion restraint strap slots. The pouch also has snaps to expand for larger bodies. Fits One-Man® cots and stretchers approximately 75″ x 23″ (192cm x 59cm).

430 7’ Two-Piece Restraint

Quick release automotive type, buckle with push button release.

131 Flexible Stretcher

Constructed of 18-ounce nylon and solid oak slats, the flexible stretcher’s heat-sealed seams protect the slats and reinforce the overall construction. Three 2″ web straps secure the carrier around the body and the six handles make it easy to carry the body.

MEDSLED by FirstCall

This is one of Gorder Supply’s newest and hottest items. The Medsled by First Call is a revolutionary way of simplifying a retrieval. Designed and build to assist your staff and make transportation of a body easy and dignified. The Medsled makes moving though difficult terrain such as; tight corners, doors, stairwells, water, etc. easy!

There is no lifting required with the Medsled. Each sled comes with a tether and stairwell braking system which will greatly reduce risks of back injuries that could otherwise occur during heavy lifting. This system is full collapsible and also comes with three securing cross straps and optional lifting handles (sold separately), and a compact shoulder carrying case.

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