Service Folders

We are happy to bring to the table over 100 different styles of Service Folders that will suite any occasion or family’s needs. We offer folders with full color cover prints of farm scenes, hobby scenes, religion themes, and more. Contact Gorder Supply for the full range of Service Folder options.

Almost all of our service folders are available in singles or 2up.

Bass-Mollett Publishers also offers a great, simple-to-use editing program, for use with their service folders. Free of charge!

To purchase products provided by Gorder Mortuary Supply, contact:

Phone: 1-800-788-5119
Fax:  651-490-5200 fax

Service Folders

Available in the following:

  • Child/Infant
  • Farm
  • Garden/Floral
  • Hobby/Lifestyle
  • Military/Patriotic
  • Native American
  • Personalization/Reflections of Life
  • Religious
  • Scenic
  • Spanish
  • Traditional
  • Wildlife