Nadene Cosmetics

Nadene skin tone colors in both liquid and cream foundations produce outstanding results funeral service professionals have come to expect. The lip colors are simply the most natural looking on the market. We thank you for their continued or renewed use at your firm.

*$100 minimum on all Nadene orders.


Nadene Lip Color: $18.00 each
To replace or enhance the natural life-like color of all lips, male or female.
Natural Female, Natural Male, Old Age, Natural Brown, Ethnic Blue-Brown

Nadene Translucent Finishing Powder: $28.80 each
Provides a soft focus, matte finish to the skin. ‘Sets’ covering cremes, creating a flawless base for applying highlight color. Blends color after make-up application. Dries, sets and seals color.
Light, Medium, Beige

Nadene Cover-up Creme: $28.80 each
To cover bruises, blemishes, scars, skin imperfections, diminish shadows, to prepare cuts, bruises, scrapes, abrasions and lacerations for Nadene Cover-Up Liquid Foundation.
Ivory, Mellow Ivory, Petal Peach, Tender Glow, Camel Brown, Suntone

Nadene Cover-up Liquid: $28.80 each
A light weight liquid covering creme that provides for a slightly translucent covering quality while restoring a natural glow and appearance to the skin.
Ivory, Mellow Ivory, Petal Peach, Tender Glow, Camel Brown, Suntone

Nadene Powder Blush: $18.00 each
An over-all color used to highlight or restore natural color lost due to embalming, old age or illness in men or women. Powder formulation provides a softer color and can be used lightly over entire face to bring out natural healthy-looking skin tone in men or women that did not use a lot of make-up.
Apricot Mist, Dark Rose, Mild Pink

Nadene Cosmetic Kit: $414.00
All 6 colors of Nadene cover up liquid foundation, all 6 colors of cover up cream, 5 lip colors, 3 translucent finishing powders, 3 powder blush colors in a deluxe cosmetic case.


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