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Gorder Mortuary Supply History

Gorder Mortuary Supply has served the funeral industry, state departments of health, tissue procurement organizations and medical examiners’ offices since 1977, providing solutions and when appropriate, products too, to its valued clients.

Founded by Arnold Gorder and his wife, Gorder Supply grew and supplied the funeral industry in and around the Midwest. In early 2002, Arnold decided it was time to pass the torch of Gorder Supply on. He chose Jim Messer to carry on and in July of ’02, Jim took the torch. Since then, Gorder Supply has continued to grow and prosper.

Jim has not lost sight of his customers. We work hard every day to ensure all of our customers are exceedingly satisfied. Our substantial network of advisors and vendors gives us the ability to respond quickly to our customers’ needs.

Product Ordering
Research & Investigation
Advice & Problem Solving
Referrals & Networking

Gorder Supply is a mortuary wholesaler company that supplies funeral homes in the Midwest and beyond with the items and materials needed to run efficiently and effectively.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier mortuary supply company in the Midwest through dedicated customer service, steadfast integrity, and ensuring that every customer is exceedingly satisfied.

Our Motto

  • “A (corporate) strategy based on mutual trust and clients’ needs should be valid in perpetuity.”
    – Benjamin Edwards, III, Former CEO, A.G. Edwards Inc. (now Wachovia),  6/21/07
  • “Innovation, everyday entrepreneurship and creativity are the aims of collaboration.”
    – Peter Keen
  • “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.”
  • Alan K. Simpson, Former United States Senator of Wyoming.
Jim Messer

Jim Messer

A native of Minnesota, Jim was born and spent his first few years living in Rochester, MN. During his childhood years he has living all around the country until returning to St. Paul to complete his bachelor degree in mortuary science at the University of Minnesota. Married to, his lovely wife or 30 years, Cynthia and with two sons, Andrew (26) and Ian (24) – Jim has dedicated himself to his family and to the family business, Gorder Mortuary Supply. When not on the road or behind his desk, you’ll usually find Jim out on the town dancing at the local jazz club or out on the water whether its sailing or scuba diving with his two sons. Jim is fully dedicated to ensure that every one of Gorder Supply’s customers is exceedingly satisfied and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Always happy to hear from any one of his customers, Jim welcomes every email and every phone call.

Debbie Krieger

Debbie Krieger

Debbie is the newest member of the Gorder Supply Customer Service Division! Debbie grew up on a farm in Pine City, Minnesota. She attended vocational college in St. Paul, and then continued on to work for and provide exceptional customer service at the Target Co. corporate offices for over 25 years! Debbie is married with 3 children and two granddaughters. Gorder Supply is most happy to have Debbie on our team.

Ian Messer

Ian Messer

Born and raised in Minnesota, Ian graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Entrepreneurship. an has not taken a full time job at Gorder, instead he has moved to the sunny Florida Keys where he lives and works as a Master Scuba Diver Instructor! Although he will pop into the Gorder offices from time to time to trouble shoot the occasional problem, answer a few phone calls, or work on the latest Gorder project.